Preliminary study on the effect of medicinal mushroom extract and timolol maleate on dexamethasone induced ocular hypertension in feline's eye model

  • AG Ayoakin
  • IV Eghosasere
  • AE Oluwadare
  • V Iyawe


Mushrooms are like mannas and their water heal eye diseases. To determine if aqueous mushroom extract has an effect on ocular hypertension, 8 cats with baseline intra ocular pressure (IOP) of 14.94 ± 0.153mmHg were used in the first phase of this study. The second phase consisted of 2 groups, the experimental and the control groups. The control consisted of 2 cats (4 eyes) while the experimental consisted of 6 cats (12 eyes). Ocular hypertension was induced in the experimental group with 0.1% dexamethasone treatment (2 drops q.i.d x 1/12) and IOP measurement was done weekly using the Perkins hand held Tonometer. The third phase consisted of oculo hypertensive cat eyes (25.275 ± 0.363mmHg), which were further divided into control-1 and experimental group. The control-1 group (4 eyes) was left untreated, while the experimental group was divided into 2 groups, the mushroom treated (4 eyes) and timolol treated (4 eyes) for 15 days. Mushroom extract decreasel IOP below baseline level showing a significant (p < 0.001) IOP reduction of 5.24% better than the control group, while timolol was only 0.85% better.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1596-6941