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Ocular discomforts following eyelash extension

GA Koffuor
BP Anto
C Afari
S Kyei
L Gyanfosu


Eyelash extension has become common practice for enhancing beauty among Ghanaian women on occasions such as weddings, festivities, and other social gatherings including funerals. This study was therefore conducted to ascertain the effect of eyelash extension on the eyelid and on vision. One hundred and twenty (120) females who had had prior experience with eyelash extension were interviewed on; reasons for extension, frequency of extension, and various problems encountered after extension of their eyelashes. Majorities (94.2%) of the respondents were aged 10-39 years and were literate (91.5%). About 70% (i.e. 69.2%) have undergone eyelash extension more than once. The major purpose (81.6%) for extending their eyelashes was to enhance their beauty, with eyelash replacement accounting for only 1.7% of respondents. One hundred and seventeen (97.5%) had one or more of these problems; dry eyes, itchy eyelids, tearing, burning sensation, lid swelling and pain, casting of shadows in vision, misdirected eyelashes, purulent discharge and eyelashes falling into the eye. Thirty nine (32.5%) had difficulty removing the eyelash extensions. Irrespective of the various difficulties they encountered 65% still intend fixing their eyelashes again because they thought it was fashionable. Eyelash extension could have unfavourable effect on the eyelid and vision. Beauticians should be well trained to ensure safety of the procedure while females should beĀ  educated on the potential ocular health hazards of eyelash extension.

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print ISSN: 2026-6294