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Links among motivation, socio-demographic characteristics and low physical activity level among a group of Nigerian patients with type 2 diabetes

AF Adeniyi
OO Ogwumike
CG John-Chu
AA Fasanmade
JO Adeleye


While many studies blame low physical activity (PA) among patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) on lack of motivation, others have inconsistently linked it with socio-demographic charac-teristics. This study investigated the associations among motivation, socio-demographic character-istics and low level participation in physical activity among a group of Nigerian patients with T2DM. A consenting sample of 326 T2DM patients attending diabetes clinics of the two largest hospitals in Ibadan participated in this cross-sectional study. Motivation types and PA levels were assessed using the Motivation for Physical Activity Questionnaire and International Physical Activ-ity Questionnaire respectively. Socio-demographic data were also documented. Regression analysis was used to determine associations at p<0.05. A total of 245 (75.2%) of the participants were intrin-sically motivated towards PA but only 108 (33.1%) were active at moderate-to-high levels. Motiva-tion and duration of diagnosis were not linked with low PA while being female (OR=1.57; 95%CI =1.22-4.19), age > 60 (OR=2.42; 95%CI =1.91-3.77), no education (OR=2.21; 95%CI =1.64-4.33), retirement (OR=3.89; 95%CI =2.72-6.35) and being married (OR=1.63; 95%CI =1.14-3.66) con-ferred increased risks of low PA. The Nigerian T2DM patients were appropriately motivated but PA was below recommended levels. Low PA was significantly linked with more of the socio-demographic characteristics than motivational factors.

Keywords: Type 2 diabetes; Physical activity; Motivation; Psychological factors; Physical exercise