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System analysis, urban environmental planning and management: a synthesis

Aliyu A. Yusuf


Since urban places are built environments and ecosystems informed and shaped by their gestalt and complex nature due to the systemic and systematic configurations and interplay of their natural and human environmental elements; they are better synthesized, appraised, planned and managed through the methods of “systems analysis” for the synthesis and appraisal of the urban environment; with “urban ecosystems planning and management approaches” as strategic pathways for regulating different urban environmental problems relatively generated by harmful “ecological footprints” of byproducts and wastes from different urban human ecological activities, processes and material objects. It is in their respective “energy flow” and “synergy” with urban natural environment during the general processes of “urban metabolism” and “urban dynamism” that they transfer to it some harmful pollutants. Among the common urban environmental problems in Nigeria are pollution of atmosphere, land and water usually arising from the emissions of harmful greenhouse gases, spillages of harmful chemicals and byproducts and wastes that usually drain into urban water systems and land, indiscriminate cutting of trees and land excavation that respectively cause smog, green house effect, various waterborne diseases, blockages and over flooding of waterways and drainages, land erosion, de-vegetation and de-forestation. Thus, these problems if not effectively regulated may consequently militate environmental deterioration, climate change, drought, resources depletion, famine and various diseases capable of hindering urban environmental viability, livability, sustainability and sustainable development that negatively impact the living conditions, health, wellbeing and livelihood of people and other biota inhabiting urban places/ecosystems. Hence, for adequate application and result from systems analysis and ecosystems approaches; they must be supported by reliable data, effective and efficient application of Town and Country Planning Laws, proper environmental conservation and preservation through promotion of eco-friendly activities, methods and appropriate urban zoning and land-use practices capable of making urban places, “places for everything and everything in its proper place”.

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print ISSN: 2006-7003