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Public perception of climate change impact on health and environment in Taraba State, Nigeria

M.A. Labiru
Salamatu J. Fada
Sadiku Yahaya
S.M. Maton
N.L. Binbol
Nuhu Hadiza
D.D. Dabi
Iro .I. Ibrahim
S.S. Goyol
N.D. Dabis
Adedire Oludare.
Badamasi. J. Saidu
J.O. Ilenwabor
Abubakar A. Goma
S.K. Vihi
Ismail A. Abdullahi
W.P. Suru
A.A. Ibimode
F.G. Odeyemi
Ramlah A. Nashehu
Ismaila Abubakar
Amobi Yekini
Muhammad Adamu Bojude
A.A. Umar
O. Alalade
Nguwap Yusuf Hosea
Mallau Thomas Amos
Muazu Adamu Bena


Globally the impacts of climate change have been reported widely. These impacts are in the IPCC 6 th report as a red alert situation’ on  the interference and activities of humans consequently, the impacts of climate change on human health and the physical environment in  Nigeria have also been reported. Natural phenomena such as global warming, ozone depletion, desertification and general  environmental degradation are some of the issues causing widespread of some diseases reported. This study assessed public perception  of climate change impacts on human health and the environment in Taraba State. Simple random sampling was used to design the  survey. Data on public perception of climate change, health and the environment were obtained from 490 respondents using  questionnaire survey. Findings from the study revealed that 78% of the respondents are aware of climate change concept. Majority 76%  of the respondents reported that the major source of information about climate change was electronic media (television and radio). Respondents reported that climate change has negative impacts on health which includes outbreak of malaria, cholera and typhoid and  environment which includes floods and loss of farm land. Based on these findings, this study therefore recommends a comprehensive  environmental education to citizens on climate change.  

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print ISSN: 2006-7003