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Desulphurization of lakhra coal (Pakistan) by beneficial microorganisms technology

Z Nawaz
M I Pathan
N A Shaikh
S A Soomro
A Ali
K Qureshi
S Aziz


In this paper, sulfur compounds in coal, microorganism for
biodesulphurization and microbial action were outlined. The bioprocess
parameters affecting the growth kinetics of Beneficial Microorganisms
(Sulpholobous Brierlyei and Thiobcillus Thiooxidans), a recent strain for the
removal of organic sulfur from coal, were investigated. Investigations
pertaining to the various aspects of coal organic desulphurization and
depyritization were discussed. Bituminous Coal varying in total sulfur
contents of 3-8% was depyritized. More than 90% of Sulphur was recovered
by mesophilic acidophilus like thiobacillous ferrooxidans and thiobacillous
thiooxidans and thermophilic sulfolobous brielyei. The archaebacterium,
sulfolobous brieleyi was found to desulphurize and organic sulfur components
of coal. Conditions were established under which more than 65-80% of the
organic sulfur present in coal could be removed without effecting thermodynamical
properties of Coal.

Keywords: Desulphurization, Coal, Beneficial Microorganisms Technology

Journal of Modeling, Design and Management of Engineering Systems, Vol. 3 (1) 2005: pp. 63-72

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eISSN: 1596-3497