Journal of Modeling, Design and Management of Engineering Systems

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Automation of a dust sampling train

A Akinola, D Muir


The accuracy of measuring the concentration of particulate matter in flue gas streams by a dust sampling train can be significantly improved or minimized by automating the sampling process using a microprocessor based system. Two situations are presented here, in which a dust sampling train is interfaced via appropriate transducers with a microprocessor and additional circuit boards. The results obtained from this work show that the flue gas sampling process can be automated using microprocessor-based control system and a sampling train. Using the sampling train developed by the British Coal Utilization Research Association (BCURA) with both the internal and external flow-meter arrangements, the maximum error in iso-kinetic sampling velocity throughout the sampling period did not exceeding 5%.

Keywords: Automation, Dust Sampling, Iso-kinetic Sampling, Digital

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