Journal of Medical Laboratory Science

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The Occurrence of Vibrio species in the Gut of Sardinella madrensis in Port Harcourt, Nigeria

S A Wemedo, C K Wachukwu


The occurrence of vibrio bacteria in the gut of “Songu”: Sardinella madrensis was investigated using enrichment procedures. Seventy percent (70%) of the total fish samples examined were positive for vibrios. The mean bacterial counts ranged between 2.68 x 102 to 1.30 x 104 cfu/g in all the fish samples. The weight of fish samples ranged between 25.0g and 30.9g and the bacterial counts increased with fish weight. Four major species were isolated, though in varying frequencies and they included Vibrio cholerae (2.7%), V. hollisae (5.4%), V. parahaemolyticus (10.8) and V. vulnificus (81.5%). The presence of these bacterial species in the fish samples might expose the consumers to a wide variety of disease conditions.

Keywords: Vibrio flora, “Songu”: Sardinella madrensis, gut

Journal of Medical Laboratory Science Vol. 13 (2) 2004: pp. 62-66
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