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Comparative Analysis of the ABO and Rh CDE Phenotype Frequencies Among Various Ethnic Groups in Port Harcourt, Nigeria

ZA Jeremiah, FI Buseri


Data presented in this report further evaluate the distribution and inter-ethnic phenotypic variability of the ABO and Rh blood groups among students of a tertiary institution in Port Harcourt. Standard haemagglutination procedures were used. ABO blood group frequencies were obtained as follows: 23.8% for blood group A, 15.5% for
B, l.0% for AB and 59.8% for O. The distribution of the ABO blood groups among the four ethnic groups within the students’ population did not show any statistical significance. However, slight variations were observed with the B allele with Ijaws having a higher frequency (8.0%) than the other three ethnic groups, lkwerre, Ekpeye and Ogoni (3.3%, 2.0% and 2.3% respectively). Out of the nine phenotypes that were found to occur in the study population, Dccee, Dccee, DccEe, DccEe DccEE, dccee, dCcee and DCCee, two phenotypes DccEE (0.3%) and DCCee (0.3%) occurred only among the Ekpeyes and were completely absent in the other ethnic groups. The distribution of the Rh phenotypes was found to vary significantly among the four ethnic groups. (X2 = 30.127, p <0.05). The results indicate that the gene pool of each ethnic group differs from each other within the same geographical locality the phenotypic variability is significant only in the Rh and not in the ABO system. These results are of genetic, forensic and anthropological interest.
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