Apolipoprotein (A) Isoform Distribution and Plasma Lipoprotein (a) Levels In Nigerian Subjects With and Without Coronary Heart Disease

  • OA Osinubi
  • AM Abaelu
  • DA Reaveley


Plasma lipoprotein (a) Concentrations and apo(a) isoforms were determined in 101 healthy Nigerian subjects (M=63), F=38; age range 17-68 years), and coronary heart disease (CHD) patients (M=19, F=17, age range 30-79 years). Median Lp(a) level was 24.4 mg/di in the CHD patients and 22.1 mg/di in the controls. The iso forms S1, S, S and S4 were observed in both populations of CHD and controls. In the CHD group, a low molecular weight isoform (F) was also detected in a single heterozygous subject. No significant difference was observed between the distribution of the apo(a) isoforms in the controls and CHD subjects. Thus, Lp(a) levels or apo(a) isoform type may not be valuable predictors of CHD in the Nigerian population.

Key Words: Lp(a), apo(a) isoforms, CHD, Africans

[Jnl Medicine & Medical Sciences Vol.1(1) 1999: 1-5]

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eISSN: 1119-3999