The Prevalence of High Blood Pressure In Ode-Remo, Ogun Sate, Nigeria

  • A Osibogun


A total of 496 subjects aged 18 years and above were screened for evaluated blood pressure and those with elevated blood pressures further screened for glycosuria in four community-based centres within Itun Iraye ward, Odo Remo Town. 6 (1.2%) of them were found clinically unsuitable thus leaving a total of 490 participants.
A standardised questionnaire was used to obtain information on personal characteristics such as age sex, life styles and habits such as smoking, exercise and salt consumption and family history of elevated blood pressure. The present report is mainly on the prevalence of elevated blood pressure in the community.
32% of respondents had systolic blood pressures equal to or greater than 140mmHg while 25.9% had diastolic blood pressures equal or greater than 90mmHg. Overall 181 (36.9%) of the respondents had blood pressures equal or greater than 140mmHg and/or Diastolic 90mmHg (ie either isolated or combined hyper-tensives).
This study demonstrated significant association between blood pressure and increasing age, While higher prevalence of elevated blood pressures were recorded for females than for males, only the Systolic pressure difference was statistically significant.

Key Words: Prevalence High Blood Pressure, Ogun State, Nigeria

[J. of Med. & Medical Sci. Vol.1(1) 1999: 20-25]

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