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Effect Of Caffeine And Ethanol Consumption On the Metabolism Of 5-Hydroxy Tryptamine In Rats

OAT Ebuehi
AO Adenuga
OO Erinle


The effect of caffeine and ethanol on the metabolism of 5-hydroxy tryptamine in the rat was investigated. Rats were divided into four groups and the first group was fed rat chow with water and an oral administration of 2ml of 1% caffeine.

The second group of rats was fed rat chow with 7% ethanol and the third group was fed rat chow with water and an oral administration of 2ml of 7% ethanol. The fourth group was fed rat chow water ad libitum for 28 days. The rats were sacrificed by decapitation after starving them overnight and their brains were quickly excised.

Protein tryptophan and 5-hydroxy tryptamine concentrations in the plasma and brain of rats were determined. The mitochondrial fraction of the brain tissues was isolated and the activity of monoamine oxidase determined.

Results indicate that cafeine and ethanol curtailed the plasma and brain concentrations of protein and tryptophan. In addition, caffeine consumption enhanced 5-hydroxy tryptamine levels in plasma and brain, while a decrease in 5-hydroxy tryptamine levels was found in acute and chronic ethanol-treated rats. Brain momoaimine oxidase activity was inhibited by both caffeine and ethanol in the rat. Our findings suggest that caffeine and ethanol consumption may be detrimental in the regulation of brain functions mediated by the serotoninergic neurotransmission.

[J. of Med. & Medical Sci. Vol.1(1) 1999: 31-38]

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eISSN: 1119-3999