Cataract Backlog and Output of Cataract Surgery in Plateau State, Nigeria

  • OP Odugbo
  • OE Babalola
  • RE Morgan


Background: To assess the output of cataract surgeries in Plateau state in terms of cataract surgical rate, and number of cataract surgeries per surgeon.

Methodology: All cataract surgical centres in the state were visited. The operation register for the period of one year (1st April 2002 to 31st March 2003) were reviewed and the number of eyes operated for age-related cataract were determined. The number and position of all surgeons were compiled. All surgical eye camps during the study period were noted and the number of cataract operations performed and position of surgeons involved were compiled. Information on Plateau state population was obtained. Cataract surgical rate and the cataract surgeries per surgeon in the state were assessed.

Result: The cataract surgical rate (CSR) for Plateau state for the period was 540 operations/million/year. The main providers of cataract surgical services were the tertiary center, Jos University Teaching Hospital (JUTH) 404 eyes (26.9%), Church of Christ In Nigeria (COCIN) Hospital Mangu 336eyes (22.4%), and Evangelical Churches of West Africa (ECWA) Hospital 294 eyes (19.6%). A total of 660 e yes (43.9%) were operated in the 3 missionary hospitals. 164(11%) cataract surgeries were performed during eye camps. There were a total of 15 surgeons in the state. Our study revealed that the ophthalmic surgeon based in Plateau state performs an average of 104 cataract operations per year Conclusion: Cataract surgeries performed in the state annually (1502) is less than the incidence of cataract blindness in the state which is estimated at 2708. The present C SR is not enough to reduce the cataract backlog in the state. There is need to improve cataract services delivery in the state to reduce this backlog.


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