Physician Knowledge and Practices of Urethral Catheterization in Jos, Nigeria

  • EI Agaba
  • CA Daniyam
  • PA Agaba
  • AN Ocheke
  • CU Uhunmwangho
  • MO Akanbi
  • EN Okeke
Keywords: Foley Catheter, Indications, Physicians, Urethral catheterization


Background: The use of urethral catheter is common in medical practice with up to 25% of hospitalized adults having an indwelling Foley catheter at some point during hospital stay. Its use however, is not without complications. We sought to find out the knowledge and practice patterns of physicians regarding urethral catheterization. Methodology: Self-administered questionnaires aimed at elucidating knowledge of the indications of urethral catheterization and precautionary measures effective against catheter-associated urinary tract infection (CAUTI) were distributed to physicians in a teaching hospital. Results: The majority of respondents correctly identified hemodynamic instability necessitating fluid administration (94.9%), lower urinary tract obstruction (92.1%), and assisting the healing of perineal wounds (84.3%) as appropriate indications for urethral catheter use. Incontinence (89.1%), preoperative use (88.3%), and epidural anesthesia (66.9%) were also identified as indications for catheterization. Early catheter removal (94.9%), use of condom catheter (91%), use of antibiotic coated Foley catheter (79.6%), intermittent catheterization (76.2%) and the use of automated reminders (67.6%) were correctly identified as measures that can prevent CAUTI by the majority of the respondents. Routine change of catheter was identified as an effective measure by 84% of the respondents. Conclusion: Physicians in a teaching hospital in Jos, Nigeria have adequate knowledge of indications for urethral catheter use and effective measures aimed at preventing CAUTI. More surgeons identified epidural anesthesia as an appropriate indication for urethral catheter use when compared to those of the medical specialties.

Key Words Foley Catheter, Indications, Physicians, Urethral catheterization


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eISSN: 2276-7096