Human Immunodeficiency Virus Status of Pregnant Women Accessing Care at a Primary Healthcare Centre in Makurdi, North Central, Nigeria

  • PM Utoo
  • BT Utoo
  • EOP Nwokedi
Keywords: HIV/AIDS, Sero-prevalence rate, antenatal, gestational age, Primary Health Care, Nigeria


Background: Pregnant women are encouraged to book early for antenatal care in health facilities where through voluntary counselling and
testing, their HIV status could be ascertained. This study was designed to determine the HIV status and gestation age at booking amongst
antenatal attendees at a Primary Healthcare Centre (PHC), in Makurdi, North central Nigeria.
Methodology: This was a descriptive cross-sectional study in which records of all women that booked for antenatal care (ANC) from May 2009
to April 2010 at the facility were reviewed.
Results: A total of 1,914 clients booked for antenatal care. Mean age of the clients was 24.7 ± 5.1 years.
Those who were <20 years constituted 26.3 %, while 54(2.8%) were >35 years. Six hundred and fifty
two (34.1 %) were primigravidaes. Majority (60.0%) of the clients booked in second trimester. The mean
gestational age at booking was 21.7 ± 7.1 weeks. The HIV sero-prevalence among the clients whose test
results were documented was 9.7 %. A higher sero-prevalence rate (14.8%) was observed amongst
women who were 36 years and above. This trend was also true for women with lower gravidity and late
initiators for antenatal care.
Conclusion: The overall HIV sero-prevalence rate mostly among women that booked late for antenatal
care was high. The campaign for early booking for ANC with its attendant benefits should be sustained.

Key Words: HIV/AIDS, Sero-prevalence rate,  antenatal, gestational age, Primary Health Care, Nigeria.


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