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A Runyakitara Culture Wiki

Joan Byamugisha
Peterson Asingwire


Peterson Asingwire developed a Runyakitara culture framework in 2013, with the aim of using the wiki as a tool for Runyakitara culture documentation, collaboration, sharing, preservation, and revitalization. This paper discusses the implementation of his framework using the wikispaces web hosting service. The Runyakitara culture wiki is entirely presented in Runyakitara, from page titles to introductory information. The wiki currently has three pages: one for proverbs (enfumu), idioms (emiguutuuro), and riddles (ebishaakuzo). Our wiki is available to be read by everyone, though only members are allowed to edit and update the pages. We hope that our wiki will grow as a repository of Runyakitara culture and realize the purposes for which it was created.

Keywords: wiki, Runyakitara, indigenous language, culture, collaborative learning, collaborative writing