Journal of Language, Technology & Entrepreneurship in Africa

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Sustainable Transitional Justice Policies in Africa: A Searchlight on Pan African Youth Organizations

Syeda Re’em Hussain, Goyei Guy Fineman


The teeming literature on transitional justice policies and peacebuilding suggests that regional organizations are veritable platforms for advancing transitional justice policies for attaining a relatively peaceful and justice-compliant society. The recognition of institutionalized transitional justice processes and the growing emphasis on the role of regional organizations has led to the undervaluation of non-traditional regional organizations. This paper examines the utility of such non-traditional regional bodies such as the Pan African Youth Union and Afrika Youth Movement in promoting effective transitional justice policies that will culminate in the creation of a culture of peace amongst African youth. The study analyzes and compares the history, structure, practices, and projects of these organizations to demonstrate a movement away from traditional liberal institutionalism in peacebuilding processes.

Keywords: Transitional justice, policies, Pan African and Youth Organizations

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