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Trade Union Campaigns and Organizations Performance in the Health sector in Kiambu County

James Mark Karimi
Cecilia Nyawira


The study sought to establish the relationship between trade union campaigns organizational performance in the health sector in Kiambu County. The study was guided by objectives; to determine the relationship between collective bargaining agreement negotiation, work stoppage and dispute resolution on organizational performance. A descriptive research design was used to investigate variables. The study targeted employees who work at casualties and emergency department, nursing care, and clinical and diagnostic department. Stratified random sampling method was used to select a sample of 99 employees. Correlation and regression analysis was used to establish the relationship between the independent and dependence variables. The results indicated that respondents could not reach an agreement on trade union use of collective bargaining agreement to negotiate for better pay and workplace protection. Working conditions in the organization are poor, trade union has a significant influence on terms and conditions, and occupational health and safety program has a relationship on organizational performance. There was a relationship between work stoppage and organizational performance. Strike has a negative influence on quality of service offered. Moreover, it was also established that respondents agreed that the organization offers unfair remuneration, agreed that the organization has lack of minimum facility and safety. The findings also revealed that the organization doesn’t have policies in place to deal with strikes.

On dispute resolution, the results showed that trade unions represent workers at disciplinary, grievance hearing, conflict management had a significant relationship on organizational performance. Mediation is used to solve conflict rising from personal differences. Payment of wages influenced labor dispute and the organization has conflict management strategies in place. The study recommended that there should be use of collective bargaining negotiation strategy as the employees have the right to belong to an association that is registered and recognized in law  to enable trade union negotiate for better pay and workplace protection, it will also help trade union determine employment terms and condition and clear job description.

Key words: trade unions, organizational performance, work stoppage, collective bargaining agreement negotiation, dispute resolution