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State of the Kenya Nation

Munene Macharia


Exploring the current state of the Kenya nation is a thought-provoking challenge. Indeed, while I might say disagreeable things about some people, those who disagree will at least give it some thought. Kenya’s interests require that the people in it engage themselves in robust discussions about their country. Since discussing the ‘State of the Kenya Nation’ is a challenging task, I can only and will try to share my perspectives. There are two interlinked factors to consider, the external and the domestic, that influence and affect each other so much that together they affect the state of the nation. Both factors show that Kenya is currently a troubled state, full of encouraging positives and disturbing negatives. These give hope on one side and are also sources of concern. The ability to balance hope and concern is particularly critical to the long term well-being of the Kenyan state especially in an election year, which 2022 is.

Key words: Kenya, nation, state, internal factors, external factors