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Spoilers and Peace Agreements: The South Sudan Conflict (2013-2019)

Edgar Githua


Negotiated settlements are fragile and require diligence in ensuring that peace holds after a period of conflict. Most peace agreements are vulnerable to spoiler activity either at the negotiation or implementation stages. Spoilers are either internal or external parties to a peace agreement. Their involvement and interest in the conflict could be direct or indirect by way of proxy. The South Sudan conflict has seen various peace agreements signed from 2014- 2018 with varied success. Numerous violations of the agreements have been occasioned by spoilers both internal and external. This research outlines the various roles spoilers have played in derailing the South Sudan peace project. It outlines the impact internal and external spoilers have had on the peace process. It concludes and recommends that regional and international partners to the peace process in South Sudan need to double their efforts in offering guarantees that will see the newly found peace hold. 



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eISSN: 1998-1279