Universal Protection of Human Rights: A Cross-Cultural Perspective

  • Sidi Omar
  • Fatuma Ahmed United States International University


There is no denying the fact that the multiple processes of 'globalisation', which are taking place these days on a large scale, have caused significant transformations in almost all life aspects of millions around the world. There are now more interactions and exchanges not only within the same cultures but also among different cultures due to the increase in information flows across the globe, migratory movements, demographic changes and transformations in social structures and institutions.

The increased intercultural and cross-cultural communication has clearly enhanced intercultural exchange and learning. However, these growing intercultural encounters have also given rise to rhetorical and actual confrontation and defensiveness amid many groups that feel threatened by the external developments associated with the sweeping processes of globalisation. This situation highlights the importance of cross-cultural dialogue as a means to constructive communication among individuals and communities.

 Key words: globalization, cross-cultural, human rights, universal

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Fatuma Ahmed, United States International University
Dr. Fatuma Ali is an Assistant Professor at the United States International University, Kenya.

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eISSN: 1998-1279