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Appraisals for potential hazards in the operational environment and facilities of petroleum refining and distribution industry in Nigeria

TIN Ezejiofor, HC Nwigwe, FOU Osuala, MOE Iwuala


Objective: To appraise operational environments and facilities of  petroleum refining and distribution industry in Nigeria with a view to establishing the potential hazards/health risks

Design: A prospective study.

Setting: The Operational environments- facilities and activities of PHRC and PPMC, Eleme near Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Materials and Methods: Personal walk-through of the operational sites and facilities using checklist, participation in the various units’ activities, and oral interviews of staff concerning the health hazards/risks of their workplace.

Results: Five main occupational hazard categories were revealed- physical, chemical, biological, psychosocial, and ergonomic hazards. Sundry job exposures to these workplace hazards are suspected to be responsible for the accidents, injuries morbidities, and mortalities recorded in this industry. Conclusion: Current state of facilities and activities at the operational units of petroleum refining and distribution industry in Nigeria are fraught with several hazards, categorizable into five main hazard types, a situation
that disposes staff to sundry health risks. Facility upgrade and industrial health services updates are thus warranted for abatement of  hazards/associated health risks, and securing safer facilities and healthier work environment.

Key words: Nigeria, Petroleum refining and distribution industry, Potential Hazards, Risk assessment

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