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Factors affecting academic performance of Pharmacy students in the University of Jos, Nigeria

CN Sariem
FD Fwangshak
D Shalkur
MA Adeniyi


The objective of the study was to determine the factors affecting the academic performance of undergraduate Pharmacy students of the University of Jos, Nigeria and to see if an association exists between the factors and their academic performance. A cross-sectional survey was conducted using self-completed questionnaires among Pharmacy students of the University of Jos, Nigeria, from the second professional year (300 level) to the fourth professional year (500 level). A percentage response of 79.6% (N=199) was obtained from the questionnaires administered. A three-sectioned 37-item questionnaire was designed using previously validated constructs. Student’s t-test and ANOVA was carried out to evaluate the effect of the factors on academic performance. Results showed that students who were less anxious had significantly higher cumulative grade point average M±SD (CGPA = 3.26±0.72) than to who were anxious (CGPA = 2.97±0.72, p< 0.01) on a 5-point scale. Study strategy had the highest mean score of CGPA (3.73±0.71), followed by academic competency (3.67±0.67), test anxiety (3.17±0.68), Test competence (3.14±0.68). Time management (3.00±0.71) had the least score. Academic performance was also significantly (p<0.05) associated with student’s mode of entry into the University. Test anxiety distinguished students with high and low academic performance and was identified as a major factor determining academic success among students of the Faculty.

Keywords: Academic Performance; Pharmacy students; Test Competence, Time Management; Test Anxiety

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