Journal of Philosophy and Culture

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A Retrospect Towards Change: Proverbs In Gynocentric Yoruba Written Plays

O Adagbada


Among the Yoruba of Nigeria, OWE (proverbs) are short veiled charter statements, highly valued as a socializing phenomenon. They originate from the observation of natural occurrences and human interactions. Proverbs, like myths, have been chauvinistically manipulated to vindicate women\'s disempowerment especially in important public shares, through socio-acculturation. However, despite an entrenched negative self-image of females in Yoruba culture, evidences abound not only in written plays adapted from history, but also from visible self-actualization and evidence exploits of women being witnessed in present time. These, call for a rethink on the existing negative nature of women-centered Yoruba proverbs.

Journal of Philosophy and Culture Vol. 3 (1) 2006: pp. 102-127
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