Journal of Philosophy and Culture

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Change And Continuity In Native Political Systems: The Case Of The Denkyira State

KO Aidoo


Using Denkyira (an Akan tribal group in Ghana) as case study, the paper analyses the emergence, subsistence and declivity of indigenous political systems in post-colonial Africa. It argues that whilst there has been continuity in the cherished values of democracy and development, there has been a change in the political and social institutions for their realization. And colonialism bears a heavy, though far from exclusive, responsibility. The introduction of English-style political system during the era of colonialism systematically destabilized the once-thriving native political system of Denkyira. The paper draws the pessimistic prognosis that a further atrophy of the native political system is probable, due to globalization and the resultant modernizing and democratizing proclivities, creating the ground for full-grown English-style political system

Journal of Philosophy and Culture Vol. 3 (1) 2006: pp. 129-152
AJOL African Journals Online