Giving Voice: Instigating Debate On Issues Of Citizenship, Participation And Accountability

  • SA Kafewo


While there is a near unanimity on the need for participation there is yet no such agreement on the type and degree of participation to be adopted in a particular project. One thing that has never being doubt is the fact that local people have not being accorded their rightful recognition and respect by most intervention agencies hence the failure of some projects. So how does a project which seeks to address the issues of Citizenship, participation, and Accountability using of variety of participatory methodologies ranging from Key Informant Interviews, Focus Group Discussion, Theatre for Development and Community Action Plan fare? This is especially against the backdrop of a multi –ethnic, multi –religious and politically complex society as Nigeria. This paper seeks to examine the use of these methodologies highlighting issues drawn out, the successes and limitations of the findings for future research. The research concludes that as effective as the methods used appeared to be, there were a lot of questions and issues unanswered beyond the immediate mandate of the project which begs for attention in order for the communities to move towards genuine development and stop shadow chasing and open display of sometimes misplaced aggression

Journal of Philosophy and Culture Vol. 3 (1) 2006: pp. 174-197

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eISSN: 0855-6660