Survey of plant seedling production by private nurseries in Kano metropolis-Nigeria

  • B. Abdulhamid
Keywords: Kano metropolis, Nursery, Ornamental plants, Seedling, Unemployment.


This study examined the viability of seedling production in Kano metropolis by private nursery operators with the purpose of assessing whether it is financially profitable for people to engage in such enterprises to reduce unemployment in the State. This survey was carried out to assess the socio-economic contribution of private commercial forest/ornamental nurseries in Kano Metropolis. Multi-stage sampling technique was used; where five local governments Areas (LGAs) were randomly selected, ten wards were selected randomly in each of the LGAs; in each of the wards, ten respondents were randomly selected from each nursery. Two nurseries were selected out of which two respondents were administered with the copies of questionnaire. Most of the nursery operator respondents were within the age of 15 to 35 years (75%). This age bracket composed of youths and few (25%) adults which implied that commercial nursery business in the study area can be greatly improved upon, since it is concentrated mostly in the hands of young and able-bodied individuals. The seedlings identified at the nurseries consisted of 30 species; 16 ornamental species, 10 tree crops species and 4 forest species. The result of the economic analysis from this study showed that the rate of returns (RORT) was generally high with the highest returns on Apple (₦8, 900), Golden Palm (₦2,350), Ficus (₦1,193.33), Yellow bush (₦1,050) and Gmelina (₦1,033.33). Nursery business is an attractive business to the people in Kano metropolis and specifically to the unemployed youths. There is great need for adoption of this enterprise in order to reduce poverty and unemployment in the study area.

Key words: Kano metropolis, Nursery, Ornamental plants, Seedling, Unemployment.


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print ISSN: 2141-1778