Assessment on the effects of potting mixtures on germination and growth of Moringa oleifera (LAM) seedlings in Sudan savanna ecology zone of Nigeria

  • B. Abdulhamid
  • J.H. Dau
Keywords: Germination, Moringa oleifera (lam), Treatment, Seedlings, Media/medium, Parameters


This study was carried out in the Forestry nursery, Audu Bako College of Agriculture  ambatta, Kano-Nigeria. The aim was to evaluate seed germination and the growth rates of Moringa oleifera (Lam) in three (3) different growth media; to determine the best growth medium to raise Moringa seedlings; and to determine which of the growth medium support vigorous and early growth for Plantation establishment in Sudan savanna ecology of Nigeria. The different soil media were: top soil, river sand and cow dung manure (treatment A); top soil, river sand and poultry manure (treatment B) and top soil and river sand (treatment C). Seeds of M. oleifera(Lam) tested for viability by floatation method were planted in different soil Media and replicated three times. The experiment was arranged in a Completely Randomized Design and watering was carried in all the treatments daily. The germination and growth of the seedlings were assessed for twelve weeks. Parameters measured were: germination rates, seedlings height, leaflets width and length, and leaflet numbers. Data were subjected to ANOVA and results showed that there was significant difference on parameters assessed on the 10th day (F=4.56, P=0.01 P<0.05) and 30th day (F=3.42, P=0.04 P<0.05) among the three treatments in terms of height (cm) but on the 20th day, there was no significant variation (F=1.02, P=0.37 P>0.05) in height of the seedlings among the treatments. Therefore, germination and early growth rate of Moringa oleifera seeds in treatment C (topsoil & river sand) demonstrated better growth potential on the average, than seeds planted in treatment A and B, respectively.

Key words: Germination; Moringa oleifera (lam); Treatment; Seedlings; Media/medium; Parameters


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