Evaluation of anatomical and physical properties of Khaya nthotheca (Welw.) C. DC. from forests of different altitudes in the democratic Republic of Congo

  • M.N. Kalendi
  • R. Safou-Tchiama
  • P. Souloungounga
  • I.S.B. Mabicka
  • O.J.L. Nzue
  • M.J.P. Tasi
  • C. Ndoutoume


The anatomical and physical properties of Khaya anthotheca (Welw.) C. DC wood from the transition forest of middle altitude (zone 1) and the humid dense forest of low altitude (zone 2) in the East of the Democratic Republic of Congo were evaluated to ascertain the effect of growth area on the anatomical and physical properties. The heartwood vessels and rays number/mm2 varied significantly (P<0.001) between the two zones. The heartwood collected in zone 1 was significantly the richest (P<0.001) in vessel sand rays number. The average number of vessels and width of rays were higher in zone 2 and varied significantly (p < 0.0001) between the two zones.. Biotopes rays length was higher in zone 1 and varied significantly (p < 0.001) between the two zones. Nevertheless, the wood vessels distribution in the radial direction was homogeneous despite the zone; there was no significant difference in basic density, dry density and total volume shrinkage of K. anthotheca heartwood from the two zones..

Keywords: Anatomy, vessel, rays, density, Khaya anthotheca


Journal Identifiers

print ISSN: 2141-1778