Bacteriological examination of public water taps and borehole water in Choba community, Rivers state

  • L.O Asabia
  • O.A Fawole
  • S.O Rufai
  • F.B Adesokan
  • O.A Oni
Keywords: Bacteriological analysis, Water quality, Coliform , Diseases and Contamination.


This study examined the bacteriological quality of public water taps available in Choba community of Rivers State. Public water tap samples were collected using sterile glass jars. The samples were serial diluted and from 10-1 to 10-5 and were plated, the samples were gram stained and viewed under light microscope. Total heterotrophic bacteria was analyzed using spread plate method, feacal and total coliform was enumerated, so also motility test was done for the identification of salmonella shigella spp. Biochemical test and physical parameters were also analyzed. Results showed that bore hole water1 (BHW1) had 9.7 10^5, 2 , 240 and 3 respectively, bore hole water 2 (BHW2) had 1.7x 10^7, 200,4 and were not motile. Public water tap1 (PWT1) had 1.7 x10^6, 60, 20 and 10.public water tap ( PWT2) showed 1.6x 10^7, 120, 7, and 16 respectively for each of the tests. Physicochemical properties were also examined and public water tap (PWT1) had the highest alkalinity of 30, temperature of 32.5, pH 3.24 and hardness of 160 while bore hole water 1(BHW1) had 13.9, 30.3, 4.32and 10 for each of the physicochemical parameters respectively. The results showed that the water from the boreholes in the study areas are contaminated with coliform bacteria. There is therefore need to increase awareness of the community towards preventive and treatment approaches in order to minimize the dangers associated with the use of contaminated water. Pipe connections should be checked properly and regularly.

Keywords: Bacteriological analysis, Water quality, Coliform , Diseases and Contamination. 


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