Effect of watering regime on the growth potential of Rothmannia longiflora Salisb

  • A.A. Kareem
  • A.O. Olaitan
  • G.O. Akinyemi
  • O.N. Sulaima
Keywords: Watering regimeRothmannialongiflora, forest, deforestation and resources


The study examined the effect of watering regime on the growth potential of Rothmannialongiflora by varying watering on the growth of R. longiflora seedlings at nursery stage. The experiment was laid down on completely randomized design with four watering regimes (once daily, twice in day, weekly and fortnightly) were applied to the seedlings. The treatments were subjected to varying volumes of water (50 ml, 100 ml, 150 ml, and 200 ml). The growth parameters were assessed weekly for a period of (12) weeks were plant height, stem diameter, number of leaves. The data collected were subjected to analysis of variance (ANOVA) at 5% level of significance.Result showed that height of seedlings varied between 22.2 cm and 12.45 cm. Watering done fortnightly with 100 ml had highest mean value of 22cm followed by weekly watering with 200 ml (20.22cm) followed by daily watering 200 ml (19.03cm) and twice daily watering/200 ml (18.23cm)), while the least mean girth was observed in seedlings subjected to 50 ml daily watering with 4.5 mm, The number of leaves produced ranged from 16 to 20 leaves. Highest mean number of leaves was recorded in daily watering with 150 ml (20)), twice daily watering 150 ml (20) weekly watering with 100 ml (20), fortnightly 150 ml (20) and fortnightly with 200 ml (20). There is a significant different in height and the leave production.Inconclusion, seedlings of R. longiflora performed best when watered forthnightly fortnightly with 100 ml volume of water as highest value of seedling height and 150 ml volume of water of number of leaves produced and there was significant difference in height and leave number of the parameter in watering regime.


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print ISSN: 2141-1778