Effect of different organic manure on the growth of Cedrelaodoratal. (red cedar)

  • R.T. Ibode
  • O.O. Akintola
  • A.A. Tunde-francis
  • O.I. Owolola
  • R.T. Afolabi
  • A.T. Ademigbuji
Keywords: Organic manure, Cedrelaodorata, growth, Production


This study investigated the effect of organic manure (cow dung, poultry and pig manure) on the growth of Cedrelaodorata in order to determine the most suitable fertilizer for the plant growth. Cow dung manure (CM), poultry manure (PM) and pig manure (pig waste) (PIM) were used as fertilizers. Manure were weighed and applied as treatment to the soil at 50g of CM (TI), 50g of PM (T2), 50g of PIM (T3), 50g combination of CM, PM and PIM (T4) and topsoil as control (T5). The experiment was laid in a completely randomized Design (CRD) and replicated six times and heights stem diameter and leaf production parameters were assessed for 8weeks. The result of study showed that seedlings raised with the combination of all the manures (T5) had the highest mean value of 13.30 cm followed by 12.75) while T3 has the lowest mean height value of 11.55cm. The mean number was higher in the seedlings raised in T5 (73.70) and lowest in T1 with mean of 45.62 leaves.The stem diameter values of Cedrelaodorata seedling raised with treatment 5 had the mean highest stem diameter 3.78 -5.01 mm for the period of study followed by treatment 2 (3.67- 4.36 mm) while treatment1 has the lowest mean value of 2.50- 3.45mm. Application organic fertilizer had significant effects on all the growth parameters considered. This study has shown that organic manure enhanced the growth of Cedrelaodorata seedlings and production.


Journal Identifiers

print ISSN: 2141-1778