Assessment of tree species and their utilization in Kurfi local government area of Katsina State, Nigeria

  • N. Abdurrasheed
  • M.T. Okoh
Keywords: Farmers, Medicine, Respondent, Species, Trees


The study was carried out in Kurfi Local Government Area of Katsina State, Nigeria. Situated in dry land region of the State. Data was collected with pre-tested questionnaires administered to 120 farmers randomly selected as sample for the entire population. Information was gathered on the demographic characteristics, utilization of the tress species; including the different parts used and their uses, benefits and challenges of tree species. Data collected were analyzed using a descriptive statistic. The results from the respondents indicated the uses of tree species, the different part used and their functions, 11% of the respondents uses the leaves of Adansonia digitata, and 12% uses the leaves of Acacia albida as animal feed, other uses include mulch, condiments and medicinal purposes. Also, 67% and 33% of the respondents use seeds for animal feed and food, respectively. Among the challenges faced by the farmers, 48% of the respondents indicated the occurrence of pest and diseases as well as urbanization as one of the factors endangering tree species in Kurfi Local Government Area. From the result obtained, it was discovered that most tree species found in the study area were used for food, medicine and animal feed. The most common trees found in the area includes Adansonia digitata, Parkia biglobosa, Tamarindus indica etc. It is recommended that committee which shall be saddle with the responsibility of conserving and managing tree species within the study area among other things should be constituted. There is also a need for further study in the future that will focus not only on composition but includes other parameters that will assess species richness, evenness, diversity and similarity. These will provide adequate information for conservation and management purpose.


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print ISSN: 2141-1778