Utilizing the glycemic indexes advantages of sweet potato in production of granular product: towards creating alternative diet for diabetic patients

  • S.F. Olaoye
  • A.S. Oladipo
Keywords: Sweet-Potato; Garri; Diabetes Patients; Glycemic Index; Healthy Living


This study determined the importance of utilizing potato in producing granular products as an alternative diet for diabetic patients. The production and sensory evaluation of granular like product made from the yellow variety of sweet potatoes towards health improvement of diabetic patients formed the premise on which this work is based. Experimental research design was adopted to obtain Four (4) samples of cassava and sweet potato granules. The sensory properties of the products were evaluated using sensory analysis method and analysis was done using Analysis of variance (ANOVA).The sensory evaluation results showed that the garri made from cassava and sweet potato in the ratio (50%:50%)) was similarly rated with the garri made from 100 % cassava for all the quality attributes assessed. This result thus implies that sweet potato can traditionally be added to cassava for quality garri production to help diabetes patients reduce unnecessary restrictions in their diets.


Journal Identifiers

print ISSN: 2141-1778