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Abundance and diversity of dry season avian species in Katsina Metropolis, Katsina State Nigeria

Z. Musa
K.M. Aliyu
M.B Gomna


The study was conducted to assess avian abundance, distribution, and diversity in Katsina metropolis during the dry season. Point count was employed for the study. Data was collected in the morning and evening when birds were more active. Data was analyzed using the Shannon-Weiner diversity index, Simpson index of diversity, Evenness Index and Sorensens Similarity Index. A total of 2865 individual birds belonging to 35 species in23families were recorded during the study period. Laughing dove (Streptopelia senegalensis) 516(18.01%) was the most abundance species during the dry season. The Shannon Weiner index ranged between 0.996-2.553 with the highest being in golf course (2.553), biological preserve (2.306), and recreational (2.124) and the lowest being market (0.996), business district (1.096) and road (1.237). While species like the African silver bill and laughing dove were widely distributed across the study area, other species were restricted to three, two and even one habitat. Road and business district (0.750), residential and industrial areas (0.700), biological preserve and recreational area (0.640) recorded the highest similarity index while the least was recorded in farmland and market (0.182), farmland and business district (0.261). The result of the study found that bird abundance was influenced by the level of disturbance of the various land uses. Efforts should be geared towards creating a bird friendly urban environment and making urban dwellers realize the importance of avian species.

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