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Abundance and diversity of fungi under three tree species in Shabu-Lafia Nasarawa State, Nigeria

T.M Soba
S.A. Clement
H.I Ndagi
C. Obadiah
L.D. Shammasu


The study was carried out to assess the abundance and diversity of soil fungi under the canopies of different tree species (T. grandis, G. arborea and K. senegalensis). The plantation was stratified in to three strata according to species. In each of the strata 4 transects line of 100m were laid. On each transect 4 plots of 4x4m were systematically located at 25m interval, this gives a total of 16 plots in each strata, and 48 plots in the plantation. Five plots were randomly selected per strata making a total of fifteen soil samples. In each plot, five soil sample were taken, four of the five soils samples were collected at the four corners of the plot while one soil sample was collected at the center. The soil was mixed up to form one composite sample per plot and this was repeated throughout the plantation plots. The soil samples were collected at the depth of 15cm each and the collected soil samples were taken to the laboratory for soil analysis. The data collected was analyzed using analysis of variance (ANOVA)and species diversity indices.A total of 8 soil fungi were recorded, only 4 species were found in Khaya senegalensis, Tectona grandis and Gmelina arborea. Aspergillus nudulans, Aspergillus niger, Aspergillus fumigatus, Penilline fungus and Mucorales fungus from the soil sample were significantly influenced by the tree species (T. grandis, G. arborea and K. senegalensis)at 5% probability(0.035*, 0.040*, 0.008**, 0.005*, and 0.050** respectively).The study recorded species richness value of 1.987 and diversity index value of 1.987.The result of the study also shows significant correlation between Aspergillus fumigatus and Penilline fungus with the value of 0.542*. It was established that, the tree species under the study has the ability to support growth of different soil fungi species. Different tree species affect the abundance of soil fungi differently. It is evidence from this study that, the tree species (T. grandis, G. arborea and K. senegalensis) should be recommended to the farmers among tree species for agroforestry practice and improving ecosystem functioning.

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print ISSN: 2141-1778