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Small-scale vegetable farmers knowledge, attitude, practices and health problems associated with pesticide use in some local government areas of Lagos, Nigeria

A.A. Adesuyi
K.L. Njoku
A.L. Ogunyebi
O.E. Dada
V. C. Nnodu


This study was conducted to assess the pesticide knowledge, attitudes, and practices of small-scale vegetable farmers in three vegetable farming locations in some local government areas in Lagos. In all, 187 vegetable farmers were sampled for this study in all three local government areas using a structured questionnaire. Data obtained were subjected to descriptive statistics. Most of the farmers used pesticides on their farms, mainly for the control of diseases and insect pests. A large number of the farmers (79.36%, 58.98%, and 70.58%) agreed that pesticides use poses risk also to the environment while 71.43%, 58.97%, and 70.59% agreed that pesticides use poses some potential risk to human health, however, this does not reflect the percentage of farmers with formal education (20.64%, 5.13%, and 31.76%) across the 3 LGAs. A higher percentage of the farmers sometimes or always use a form of PPE either singly or combined. The most used PPE is the coverall, followed by the hand gloves. The least used PPE is the respirator/nose mask. This study revealed serious and lethal consequences of pesticide exposure to human health when adequate and appropriate protection was not used. A substantial percentage of the respondents reported at least one symptom of acute pesticide poisoning in the previous year immediately after applying or handling pesticides. Generally, the study shows a paucity of training and knowledge regarding the safe use of pesticides among small-scale farmers. Similarly, there is also a high risk of pesticides exposure. Urgent need for regular and updated training of farmers on the safe use of pesticides and additional pest management methods.

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print ISSN: 2141-1778