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Population estimate and structure of Putty-nosed guenon in Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary, Nigeria

J.O. Bukie
W.A. Ayanbem
J.O. Obwe
M.O. Afolasade


An estimate of Putty-nosed guenon’s population density and structure was carried out in Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary, Cross River State, Nigeria. The census was conducted to determine the population density and structure of Putty-nosed monkeys. Line transect method of data collection was used. Census was conducted in the two sectors of the sanctuary using Ten transects (1.0km length, 0.02km width) and spaced at an interval of 0.5km systematically. Direct method of animal sighting was employed. Population density of putty-nosed monkeys in the two sectors of Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary was 5/km2 and 2/km2. However, the mean population density of putty-nosed monkeys in AMWS was ~ 4/km2. This means that the population density is higher than previously reported for the monkey species in the study area implying that the population has increased over time. The variation of putty-nosed monkeys in the study area showed that the population structure is composed more of Juveniles than adult (27:26 and 13:1). The statistical test of significance between the Northern and Southern populations showed no significant difference. (T-tab = 0.482 < t-cal = 0.840 @ p = 0.05). It was therefore recommended that efforts through regular patrols by the rangers should be encouraged to protect the increasing population of guenons in the study area.

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print ISSN: 2141-1778