Food and Feeding Habits of Mona Monkey Cercopithecus Mona in Ayede/Isan Forest Reserve, Ekiti State

  • BN Ejidike
  • A Salawu


The feeding habits of mona monkey Cercopithecus mona in Ayede/Isan forest reserve, Ayede, Ekiti State, Nigeria were studied for six months. Direct observation was used in the data collection. The study area was visited two days per week between 0600-1100hours and 1600-1800hours for the six months in the forest reserve stretching from dry season to wet season. Data collected on the plant species and the parts of the plant species the animal feed upon revealed that mona monkey feeds on wide varieties of plant species and the parts of the plant consumed most is the fruits. It was noted that mona monkey is a social animal that moves and feeds in group. The mona monkey feeds mainly on fresh leaves, fruits and seeds of different plant species. Some of the plant species preferred by the mona monkey include: oil palm tree Elaeis guineesis, bitter mango Irvingia grandiforiola, kola Cola nitida. Most of the plant food materials the monkey feed upon are seasonal while some such as palm tree Elaeis guineesis are available for the animal to feed on throughout the year.

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print ISSN: 2141-1778