Environmental pollution in Nigeria: The need for awareness creation for sustainable development

  • MI Evelyn
  • TT Tyav


The paper set out to examine the issue of environmental pollution and its attendant consequences on the Nigerian society. In doing so, the paper has on the basis of personal observation and secondary sources examined the effects of environmental pollution in Nigeria. The findings show that environmental problems in Nigeria generally are many, diverse in
nature, and are caused by man’s interaction with nature (environment) for exploits in a number of ways-both in the cities; where industrial activities predominate, and rural areas; where agriculture thrives. The paper posits that man utilizes air for survival, harnesses land and water resources for domestic, commercial, industrial, agricultural and other purposes. Through these activities; man directly and/or indirectly create problems which are detrimental to his health/survival, well being, natural existence and stability. The paper observes that these problems are a consequence of environmental pollution which also degenerates into environmental degradation and several other hazards such as widespread epidemics, depletion of natural habitats, and thus; impede the socio-economic development of Nigeria as a nation. The paper recommends awareness creation and change in attitudes for effective environmental and resources management strategies as a way forward.

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print ISSN: 2141-1778