Impact of Human Security Threats on Leadership and Political Stability in Africa

  • CA Amunnadi


Human security threats in contemporary Africa have become a major  political challenge. Whether it involves sectional conflicts, kidnapping, human trafficking, armed robbery they have continued to exert a far  reaching impact on the leadership and political stability in the region. This paper is therefore an attempt to examine the impact of the rising trend of human security threats on the political stability in African context with a view to identifying the way forward. The work involved survey approach. It identified economic, social, political and environmental impacts as  constituting the challenges being unleashed by the above security threats. It highlights that regional social security scheme, political framework that deemphasizes money politics,  integrative ethical education that embraces various stake holders, good governance that promotes and protects fundamental human rights should be put in place in the African sub-region as a means of reducing above threats to
leadership and political stability in Africa.

Journal Identifiers

print ISSN: 2006-5442