The challenges of migration and technological development in Africa

  • CC Mbaegbu
Keywords: Migration, Development, Technology, Culture


This paper critically studies he problems posed by migration and technological development in Africa. Migration and African technological development have been two paradoxical or polarized contemporary issues even in our 21st century Africa. Migration if not properly controlled has a deleterious implication that can drastically hamper African technological drive and advancement. Technological development has its own merits and demerits. Technology simply means the devising of tools to manipulate nature. One of the major problems of migration in Africa is that of brain-drain and the imbalances in our human and material resources that has not been fulsomely harnessed by Africans. Using the method of dialectics, which is the logic of unearthing two opposing ideas in order to logically arrive at the truth, the author concludes that Africans must liberate themselves from the moral, socio-political debacles and economic comatose visa a-vie the epistemological quandary of the philosophical foundation of migration from its deleterious implications. Again, we as Africans, as a matter of obligation, must engage in effective planning system by redefining our well being and ensuring good governmental policies that can stabilize Africa’s economic system to match with the global capitalist system and invariably discourage mass exodus of Africans to other countries of the world in search for greener pastures.

Keywords: Migration, Development, Technology, Culture


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print ISSN: 2006-5442