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On the role of Igbo proverbs in conflict resolution and reconciliation

Martha Chidimma Egenti
Adaobi Ngozi Okoye


Proverbs are rhetorical strategies employed by various communities in expressing their experiences in a condensed manner. Achebe (1958) describes the Igbo proverb as the palm oil with which words are eaten.As forms of figurative communication with didactic functions in studied conversation, proverbs are found to possess evidence of peace and reconciliation and serves as a linguistic tool for conflict management. This study, therefore, examines some Igbo proverbs so as to determine the extent towhich the proverbs are used as tools in reconciliation and crisis management. Data were collected in both planned and spontaneous settings. The study adopts the speech act theory in the analysis of some selected proverbs bringing out the various functions and impact of proverbs in enhancing conflict resolution and promotion of peaceful co-existence in human interpersonal relationships.

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print ISSN: 2006-5442