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Ethnic conflict in pluralist Nigeria: entreching participatory democracy

Aghamelu Fidelis Chuka
Aghamelu Helen Udumaga


This paper reviewed literatures on ethnic conflicts in Nigeria. The review showed that Nigeria is blessed with diverse ethnic groups. However, over the years, “this blessing has turned to awound eating deep into the flesh of the national unity of the country”. It might be said that the amalgamation of the Northern and Southern protectorates by the colonial administration is the root course of the ethnic conflicts experienced all over the country till this day. However, the entrenchment of the democratic rule in 1999 brought a ray of hope for the citizens. Sadly, democracy has failed to completely unite the people of Nigeria; this is evident in the scores of conflicts in different parts of the country. Authors and Researchers have blamed the incessant conflict on the marginalization of different ethnic groups in the country. It is against this background that the research explored views on participative democracy and proffers it as a solution to ethnic conflicts in Nigeria. This paper explored ethnic conflicts in Nigeria and participatory democracy as ameans of tackling ethnic conflicts.

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print ISSN: 2006-5442