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Critical appraisal of dialogue as a strategy for religious conflict resolution in Nigeria

Friday. I Ogbuehi


Nigeria has passed through incessant religious conflicts and its attendant consequences of loss of human lives and property. It is unfortunate that despite all the efforts made to resolve religious conflicts in Nigeria through religious dialogue yet peaceful resolution of religious conflicts have remained a mirage. This paper examined the factors that militate against dialogue as an instrument of resolving religious conflicts inNigeria. Thewriter of this paper made use of phenomenological approach and the work is both descriptive and analytical. Religious conflict is a natural phenomenon. It is observed that Nigeria is a pluralistic country where there is a diversity of religious beliefs and practices. Religious conflicts abound in Nigeria due to these religions find it difficult to tolerate one another's differences and work toward enhancing areas of agreements. Dialogue cannot thrive in an environment where a religion seeks to dominate others, display superiority complex and exhibit unquenchable desire to convert adherents of other religions.

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print ISSN: 2006-5442