Nigerian literary artists and protection of African values in the presentage of urbanization: the Igbo example

  • Nonyelum M. Obi


The work is a survey on the part which literary artists can play in protecting the much cherishedAfrican values from the influence of urbanization andmodernity.TheAfrican, in their traditional life, see certain things as valuable. Obviously, it is these valuable things that make life worth living. TheAfrican values give anAfrican different cultural personality and enable him to acquire necessary wisdom and knowledge that help him to make his positive contribution to society. Thus, theseAfrican valuesmake lifemeaningful. Presently, the trend in Africa is the pursuance of nation-building and every person's sincere effort to uplift his living standard. Consequently there has been a rapid growth of cities and urban centers to the detriment of some most cherished African values such as a large family, love for and practice of the extended family system, respect for elders, religion, hospitality and love for community, greeting, honesty, integrity etc.Thismotivated the researcher into finding out the part which the Igbo literary artist can play in creating awareness with regards to the issue of protecting and retaining the much cherished African values in the present age of urbanization and modernity. To do this effectively, the researcher reviewed many published works and also consulted the internet. Thus, enough information was gathered and analysed. The theoretical framework adopted for the study isAristotle's Rhetorical Theory. This literary approach is relevant to this study because it is a discourse type that persuades an audience to think and feel or act in a particular way. It is hoped that this study will help theAfricans, particularly the Igbo


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print ISSN: 2006-5442