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Indigenous language and the preservation of African values; the Igbo example

Blessing Chioma Onwubie


Language is not only a medium of communication but also amatrix through which the culture, value, norms and mores of a people are transmitted. Unfortunately for the African, the Indigenous Language of the continent were as a result of European Imperialist motives subjected to a series distorting and negative influences. Most indigenousAfrican Languages were, therefore imperiled and thus, endangered by the imposition of several European Languages such as English, |French, and Portuguese among others. Notwithstanding, some of these indigenous languages have continued to struggle for survival in the face of these threats. The Igbo Language is one of such languages that has been seriously Jeopardized and still continues to trudge on. This study therefore appraises the roles of the Igbo language in the task of preserving the values of the Igbo people. Data for the study came largely from secondary sources. The descriptive aid analytic methodologies were utilized. The position of the study is that conscious and sustained awareness is needed if the Igbo language is to survive and remain relevant in the preservation of African values. Some recommendations on how this is to be achieved are contained in the study.