Concepts and Methods of Conflict Resolution and Peace-Building: Imperatives for Religious Leaders in Nigeria

  • BOS Udezo


The need for conflict resolution in our society is crucial. It is imperative because no two people perceive a particular thing exactly in the same way. Efforts to curb conflict and crisis-situations have often times been unsuccessful; occasioned not only by the complex nature of humanity, but also by the methods and means employed by those on mediation. It is the position of this paper that a factor that has not received sufficient attention in this regard is the culture, tradition and biblical frameworks or paradigms determining our understanding of conflicts, their causes and appropriate tools for reconciliation. This paper will locate and explore these necessary basic tools and frameworks on peace initiatives and conflict resolutions as the symbolical rites of procedure. It will argue that all of them have to be taken seriously if we really have to move from rhetorics and good intentions to sustainable behaviour change that leads to solid reconciliation and peace that will finally lead to decreased rates of conflict situations and socio-political rascalities in Nigeria today.