Journal of Social Development in Africa

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What Structures and Mechanisms Promote Women's Political Leadership in South Africa and Cameroon? A Comparative Study

Gladys Manyi Ashu


The primary objective of this study was to compare the different structures and mechanisms used in South Africa and Cameroon to promote gender equality and women's empowerment in leadership position. The unit of analysis was parliament, political parties and government. A purposively sample of 120 participants, 45 in Cameroon and 75 in South Africa was used. Located within the critical theory approach, the study used liberal feminism to substantiate women's rights and political representation. The methods used included interviews, open-ended questions, focus-group discussions, observations and documentation. The findings suggested that similar structures and mechanisms existed in both countries to support women in their political participation; though Cameroon seems too inaudible in their implementation when compared to South Africa. Moreover, what participants see to be helping women in South Africa is not necessarily seen in the same light in Cameroon and vice versa.

Key Words: structures, mechanisms, promote, compare, women, political leadership

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