Ode to an African intellectual giant: Kaseke, the champion of indigenous scholarly work

  • Ndangwa Noyoo
Keywords: African scholarship, Kaseke, social security, social work


This article recalls the life and work of the late Professor of Social Work, Edwell Kaseke, who passed away on 24 August 2017. It also sheds light on the work that this author had collaborated with him. The paper is both a tribute and an acknowledgment of the immense contribution that Professor Kaseke had made towards the advancement of social work not only in his country of origin, Zimbabwe, but in Africa and globally. He had also raised African scholarship through his various academic papers, book chapters, books and research projects. This writer had known the late Professor as a colleague for close to 17 years, in the academic circles of social work and social development. For most of this time, this author was a younger scholar whilst Professor Kaseke was an older colleague who would advise and guide him in matters of scholarship and other issues. Later, as the author grew academically, he collaborated with the late Professor on some academic projects. Professor Kaseke was very passionate about building theories and bodies of  knowledge in social work, social policy, social security and social development that were Afrocentric and relevant to Africa's development.

Key words: African scholarship, Kaseke, social security, social work


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eISSN: 1012-1080